Work-Life balance?

December 23, 2018
life, work

I used to believe there was no work life balance, when your work is teaching you. I came to conclusion, there is no work-life balance upon reading articles on the web commenting “if work is interesting, one does not need to have work-life balance”. Lately, I have started to hate going to work. I never experienced burnout, I guess I am making my way to it (or made it). A year ago, I was an employee with full of energy to give out more to my employer in the process of reinventing one self. ...

Our neighbours

May 24, 2018
life, nostalgia

It was fun when we used to gossip with our neighbors. It was fun when we played with our friends from neighborhood. It was fun when our grandparents briefed about their childhood. It was fun when whole of neighborhood came together to celebrate. It was fun when neighbors cared us irrespective of our past. It was fun when there was no bias in festivals. It was fun when whole neighborhood was our family. ...


May 14, 2017

Things of my world have changed irrespective of changes in the world but one that never changed is her. Hatred and greed were pushed to corner of my heart by the love and compassion of her. Life kicked me hard when I had to move away from her. Clouds might have missed to shower me with rain but she never missed to shower me with all the love and caring. ...

AI and God

March 9, 2017
tech, AI, god

History books never show such progress in Artificial Intelligence (AI) as today. Greater support from big names like Google, Facebook, and Microsoft has spearheaded the progress in the field. The stronger foundation was laid by Alan Turing in 1950 with his thesis famously known as “Turing Test”. And even the great man predicted 2000s would be year of AI. But due to failure in technological advancements and fear over ungoverned AI led to winters for decades together leading to no growth in respective field. ...


November 18, 2016

Are they given or taken? God gifted the nature or nature gifted us the beauty of his notion? We gift or we gifted? Gifts to be happy or make happy? Is it everyones’ or someone’s? Is it worth keeping or sharing? Are we gifts to our parents or they are gift to us? Is any gift worth it to one’s self to gift? We are gifted and hope to be one. ...

God and Man

August 8, 2016

Existence of him has long been a question to us from the beginning of our consciousness. Scientists are finding him by unwrapping the truths to our existence by understanding the beginning of us and our universes’ (contrary to multiple universes) existence. Religionists find him in holy books and places they preached and constructed for. And some abide by his rules while some disregard him as their creator. Just the question of his existence has led many kind of wars and people around the world, atheist v/s theists, one god v/s many god believers, scientists v/s religionists, people who fear to those who love. ...

Human and Machine

September 24, 2015
tech, AI

What is Intelligence? It is comprised of logic,understanding,self-awareness,creativity, planning and so on, which elevates humans from other animals (of course we humans are animals). The people review one’s intelligence quotient with stupid, illogical tests and rate them with score. But we are meant to use our intelligence beyond what is known and not let those groundless tests alias quizzes mark our intelligence. Now we have come across definition of human Intelligence, let’s make a turn towards inanimate machines. ...

Benjamin Franklin's virtue

May 1, 2015
habit, life

Every successful person has is own traits to be successful in life. There are many success stories of them in either of there biographies or autobiographies. The one person i really admire is Benjamin Franklin. It is unfortunate that most of us know him for one reason(mainly) , he was the first person to demonstrate in generating electricity from lightening . But he was and is way more than our assumption. ...

The advent of the technology

May 1, 2015
tech, life

The people now-a-days are quite well used and tuned to the technology. It has helped us getting solutions for the problems and at the same time making new problems to us. Now you may be thinking about the boon and bane of the Technology with and to our life. The Technology has grown and become so part of our life, we can’t survive without it in our life, whereas vice versa is unimaginable. ...

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