Living with No Goals

Living with No Goals

September 8, 2020

“What keeps me going is goals” – Muhammad Ali

Often, we fall into the pit of self-doubt, questioning our life and path to be carved for the future. Many are blessed to know their true goals but most (or at least me) do not have any goals.

Just the thought of “no goals” brings me to the next pit in my mind, I was always under the belief that a man with no goals will choose a path downhill. Worries got my every moment the mind was not occupied, I could not sit still. Looking to the world for validation and confirmation of successful people for finding new inspiration and motivation did not take me far, it left me with a bigger void than before as weights of comparison were heavy. My extensive efforts were spent in choosing or finding the goal or motivation to move forward which eventually is to die down.

It is easy to conclude that we are letting our life slip by if we are not working towards our goals and having no goals is a far cry. COVID-19 pandemic allowed me to self-introspect, helping me realize important things in my life. It is okay to not have goals in life was one of the realizations, with nothing to strike but mend my life. My narrowed mind had always put goals before my wellbeing and happiness, hurting even more in the journey towards it. With a newfound realization, I have made peace with myself to live better and happy daily. I have no goals/passions of my own, all the things I strived or worked towards where circumstantial or influenced.

My biggest learning in recent weeks is to make my day better than yesterday and I only have present to work on it. To achieve success in life and career, you should have the right systems built making it your way of life to be successful, from Atomic Habits by James Clear. It cost me a great time when my happiness was externalized and had an illusion of control (or ego) over things in life and career. I have started living with a sense of purpose (a goal?) with one day at a time to make my life worthwhile for memories.

My penned down thoughts may not align with everyone, everyone has their way of living. But it is just a reminder, it is okay if you do not have goals in your life, Gods shall not punish you.

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