April 20, 2020

The world is in crisis with COVID-19, people are forced to stay in lockdown to prevent the spread of the disease. People and organizations are faced with new challenges, they have become conscious about health and their spending respectively. The world has become essential in terms of spending, economies are suffering as people are content with their needs instead of their greed.

Countries and their governments are tasked to address the crisis, I fell off track with my daily routine/life. As Corona is/was taking over the world, my bad habits regained my past self with boredom, mindless binge-watching, frustration, and unhappy soul. But this crisis is helping me understand the things that are most valued in my life, I have begun understanding the importance of creating vs consuming. My boredom or escapes from responsibilities were the cause of fear, fear of losing my comfort zone, fear of judgments, fear of failure and so on. While people were/are putting in efforts to upskill in times of personal and global crisis, I was/am descending into my worst self possible. I have always comforted my mind to avoid the harsher truths of my reality. This personal crisis was/is very much essential to understand my fears, the personal introspection to face my demons.

Many in the world are fighting for their survival, here I am blessed with all the needs yet I stay with a broken self. I am in constant war with myself, struggling to keep a check on my new and better habits. I am writing this to note a small victory for my better self. After reading a lot of self-help/improvement articles over the web, it made me understand the reason for boredom and (personal) crisis is because of constant and monotonous daily life. I am always waiting for my work to end so I can jump back to my comforts without any hiccup in ruining myself. I am coming back to senses by taking control of my day and mind.

I wish for a better tomorrow by fixing my existing broken self. I am fighting my demons one at a time, I am not seeking for life without demons else I will fail myself all again. It is time to realize your demons and explore yourself to understanding for a better tomorrow.

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