What beach taught me?

What beach taught me?

May 27, 2019

Life is always a rough ride. There are weaker struggles as there are harder struggles. All of these struggles bring us the needed rewards. Life is filled with moments of giving and take. The more one gives the more stake one gets/takes. All the wins cannot be won without hardships. Once in a while life grounds us with greater force to realize our true self. It would be foolish to ignore them as mere coincidence, these high tidal hits gifts us the biggest learnings of life.

Learning to adapt to situations can save one’s life and give us the purest of challenges to fight. No struggles are wasted, rewards come in different forms. Life should not be lived to complain. A baby crab makes its life on the beach amidst the human tramplings. We are humans with intellect, we can definitely make peace with our idiotic mind to stop complaining. Of course, life is short we should be making the best of our lives. We are cursed with memory let’s make our life worth visiting in our memory. Other’s lives may look beautiful and simple but we never know the struggles of their lives. Tides are not the same on very the same beach, it is not fair to estimate our or other’s lives with just a few experiences in life. Let’s build beautiful castles out our experiences.

Our ride of success is never in isolation, multiple things influence our journey. We cannot ride on the same tide throughout our journey. Make your rides worth living for.

Start living.

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