Redis cluster to cluster migration

August 16, 2023

Writing something after a very long time, putting this out as I could not find proper documentation for this task. Redis [1] has become a de-facto standard for caching and all the use cases of in-memory stores so we chose Redis for caching purposes. Our team offers Platform as a Service (PaaS) which offers Redis to a few of the customers, and we run our components on Kubernetes (K8s). ...

Lost In ...

March 12, 2022

I am not sure if I can put my thoughts into the right words. Words are never neutral as we are bound by emotion in every action we take, with an anxious mind as mine simple statements/thoughts will take you spiraling down the bottomless pit. Long thoughts with a small pinch of worries are hard to summarize as they tend to lose their importance or hold on to the individual (read as me), it is soothing and tempting to dump your thoughts onto our journal or an article like this one. ...

GraphQL: Query filtering with relay and graphene-python

March 27, 2021
tech, development

GraphQL is query language for API. It simplifies, isolates, and fastens the development and API releases. This post assumes the reader is aware of basics of GraphQL concepts like query, mutation, and schema. If you have stumbled here for introduction to GraphQL, please go through this tutorial. Most of the implementations on the web for GraphQL with python are using Django which packs lot of features and plugins to ease the development with tradeoff to huge code base for simple application. ...

Learning right from wrongs

January 30, 2021

Learn from the mistakes of others! You can’t live long enough to make them all yourselves. – Chanakya Life will not give us much time to try all the options to find the best possible answer/solution for problems life throws at us. Everyone is not blessed with the best opportunities to learn from the first or first few experiences. There is no right or wrong answer to the problems in life it is the perspective of one’s situation. ...

Living with No Goals

September 8, 2020

“What keeps me going is goals” – Muhammad Ali Often, we fall into the pit of self-doubt, questioning our life and path to be carved for the future. Many are blessed to know their true goals but most (or at least me) do not have any goals. Just the thought of “no goals” brings me to the next pit in my mind, I was always under the belief that a man with no goals will choose a path downhill. ...


April 20, 2020

The world is in crisis with COVID-19, people are forced to stay in lockdown to prevent the spread of the disease. People and organizations are faced with new challenges, they have become conscious about health and their spending respectively. The world has become essential in terms of spending, economies are suffering as people are content with their needs instead of their greed. Countries and their governments are tasked to address the crisis, I fell off track with my daily routine/life. ...


July 22, 2019

My mother always told me to do good to others and luck will be with you. This very statement to others looks like being selfless and caring for others. But the act of selflessness never got into me because I do not see any act of any person as unselfish. Nothing is unselfish in the world. Everything and everyone has the two perspectives, it is only a matter of the side one chooses. ...

What beach taught me?

May 27, 2019

Life is always a rough ride. There are weaker struggles as there are harder struggles. All of these struggles bring us the needed rewards. Life is filled with moments of giving and take. The more one gives the more stake one gets/takes. All the wins cannot be won without hardships. Once in a while life grounds us with greater force to realize our true self. It would be foolish to ignore them as mere coincidence, these high tidal hits gifts us the biggest learnings of life. ...

One straw revolution

April 26, 2019
book, life, agriculture

“The ultimate goal of farming is not the growing of crops, but cultivation and perfection of human beings.” My thoughts upon reading “The one-straw revolution by Masanobu Fukuoka”. It does not just teach natural farming, gives you valuable life lessons. It questions your lifestyle and teaches you self reliance. Biggest benefits shall come when we start to live in harmony with nature. We have disturbed it by bringing in technological advancements that are not sustainable or ecological. ...

No life?

April 20, 2019

I have been “living” in my body for more than two decades now. I am listening to my whole life about “life” but never really made an attempt to live in the experience that lasts forever. I have added many tangible and intangible possessions and surely will have more, these timely priced possessions thought me to have just the comfortable life – just live but never gave an inkling of life with rich experience. ...

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