Redis cluster to cluster migration

August 16, 2023

Writing something after a very long time, putting this out as I could not find proper documentation for this task. Redis [1] has become a de-facto standard for caching and all the use cases of in-memory stores so we chose Redis for caching purposes. Our team offers Platform as a Service (PaaS) which offers Redis to a few of the customers, and we run our components on Kubernetes (K8s). ...

GraphQL: Query filtering with relay and graphene-python

March 27, 2021
tech, development

GraphQL is query language for API. It simplifies, isolates, and fastens the development and API releases. This post assumes the reader is aware of basics of GraphQL concepts like query, mutation, and schema. If you have stumbled here for introduction to GraphQL, please go through this tutorial. Most of the implementations on the web for GraphQL with python are using Django which packs lot of features and plugins to ease the development with tradeoff to huge code base for simple application. ...

AI and God

March 9, 2017
tech, AI, god

History books never show such progress in Artificial Intelligence (AI) as today. Greater support from big names like Google, Facebook, and Microsoft has spearheaded the progress in the field. The stronger foundation was laid by Alan Turing in 1950 with his thesis famously known as “Turing Test”. And even the great man predicted 2000s would be year of AI. But due to failure in technological advancements and fear over ungoverned AI led to winters for decades together leading to no growth in respective field. ...

Human and Machine

September 24, 2015
tech, AI

What is Intelligence? It is comprised of logic,understanding,self-awareness,creativity, planning and so on, which elevates humans from other animals (of course we humans are animals). The people review one’s intelligence quotient with stupid, illogical tests and rate them with score. But we are meant to use our intelligence beyond what is known and not let those groundless tests alias quizzes mark our intelligence. Now we have come across definition of human Intelligence, let’s make a turn towards inanimate machines. ...

The advent of the technology

May 1, 2015
tech, life

The people now-a-days are quite well used and tuned to the technology. It has helped us getting solutions for the problems and at the same time making new problems to us. Now you may be thinking about the boon and bane of the Technology with and to our life. The Technology has grown and become so part of our life, we can’t survive without it in our life, whereas vice versa is unimaginable. ...

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